Control your Sonos speakers from your wrist!

This is the simplest and cleanest way to control your Sonos speakers from your Apple Watch. Change songs, turn up the volume and check out the cover art. Effortlessly switch between all your Sonos speakers and control all of them individually. Get quick access to the app via complications directly on your favorite Watch Face.

 Available on iOS

Highly Intuitive

Minimalistic design and super easy to use. Effortlessly jump between all your Sonos speakers and play the best tunes.

Super fast

Quickly change the volume on your Sonos speakers. Raise your arm, tap the complication and scroll the Apple Watch Crown.

Quick & Easy setup

One time setup with very few taps and you're ready to go! Then just open the watch app and start controlling!

This is SonoWatch

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Some of the happy users of SonoWatch

“It's really easy to use. I love that I can just skip a track directly on my watch.”

Jamie Franco

Jamie Franco

“I love to control my Sonos speakers from my watch. I can just leave my phone in my pocket.”

Philip Ruiz

Philip Ruiz

“The best is the quick access to the app via the complications directly from my Watch Face! 🥳”

Emilie Fowler

Emilie Fowler


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